Do Farmers Use Social Media?

As an agricultural technology company, Agtron aims to be on the forefront of all modern technology. This is why we are taking on social media!

We’ve had plenty of conversations at the Agtron office as to whether or not farmers are online – And some of us are still on the fence. If you’re out there, we’d love to hear from you!

This being said, we’ve been diving deep into the digital world to find out what farmers are doing online – and we’re delighted to see that they’re doing a lot.


The Felfie – A Hot New Trend?

Have you heard of a “felfie?” It’s a selfie snapped at the farm! Many farmers are in the habit of posting photos of themselves next to their favourite farm animals or equipment. See here for some of the best “felfies” from around the world. Send us your own “felfie” and maybe we’ll feature it on the blog!


Hot Button Issues for Farmers

We’ve also found that many farmers have taken to social media to express their opinions about food and farming. These topics range from the harmful side effects of Pesticides and GMO’s to a potential food shortage crisis looming just around the corner. What’s your opinion on the future of food/farming in your area? Are GMO’s a hot button issue or do people you see every day think going organic is the answer to the world’s food problems? With these topics specifically, sometimes rumour tries to dismiss science.


What To Expect from Agtron

Agtron’s venture into social media will rely heavily on our followers – we want to know what you want to talk about! Farmers are our customers, and our primary focus. The point is to get on social media and get involved - Get your neighbors to do the same. Farmers may be only 2% of the population but your occupation affects 100% of the planet!

Check out our website to learn more about who we are and what we do!


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