Week Two; An Inside View

The following is an inside view at Week 2, behind the scenes from Agtron Enterprises.

As week two at Agtron comes to an end, I feel blessed to be working with such understanding, as well as patient people. This week has definitely been more on hands than the last, which I love. I learned how to look up part numbers in Paradox, clean dirty equipment, and how to send off a copy of an invoice. I also did up 9 estimates for different customers.

Some of the trickiest things about this job are learning the product, and the lingo that is used in everyday conversations. On Thursday March 1st, I did up a PO for an international company. I did it all myself. I checked with my Supervisor before sending it off to the customer, and everything was how it should be. I was immensely happy.

I have not quite got the hang of figuring out the shipping price, and currency conversion, as we deal with companies and people from all over the world. However every day it makes more sense. Another co-worker and I had a fun challenge to help me get more comfortable with doing up large orders. I was to do three quotes, and so was he. We then sent them to each other to see if they matched. He congratulated me, because I had added bags of hose clamps that were needed. He added them to his orders after seeing mine.

It made me feel happy to know I must be learning. Fun challenges, great co-workers, and random pizza lunches make me believe I will love working here no matter the difficulties I may encounter. Here is to another great week at Agtron Enterprises!


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