The Inside Scoop on Week Three

The following is a glance at what week 3 had in store for Danielle, as well as the employees at Agtron.

Week three; what a week it has been! When I first started, I was warned that our busy season was coming up, and to be prepared. They could not have been more right! What does our busy season look like? During a phone call, two or three other phone calls will come in. As soon as I finish with one and hang up, another customer is on the line. It is doing several quotes at once, while writing e-mails, while also handling walk-in customers. It is being so wrapped up in work all day, that five o’clock rolls around incredibly quickly. However, it is also teamwork. It is a well-oiled machine. It is busy, but it is so much fun. I would not change anything.

One of the things I have been helping out with is updating our customer shipping information. This is important, because this ensures that our customers receive imperative information regarding their orders, ship dates, as well as tracking information. At Agtron, we do not only care about getting your order right. We care about ensuring you receive the product too. One currier alone, I updated over 1,000 customers shipping information. I am happy to do it because I feel it is not only beneficial for both parties, but that I am actually helping the shipping staff when I do it.

In addition to all that fun, I have done 17 quotes for different customers in many different parts of the world this week. I am starting to really enjoy doing them up for customers. As I get more comfortable with the product, I am able to do more. I still feel as if I learn something new every day. Where’s the fun in knowing everything though? I know how busy I am, I cannot imagine how busy the rest of my co-workers are! I am blessed I got this opportunity, and cannot wait to put their hours of training me and being patient towards me to good use. I was told that this place is like a small family. I can definitely feel it. Here’s to week four!


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