A Closer Look; Week Four

The following is a look at what took place during Danielle's fourth week here at Agtron Enterprises.

As week four comes and goes, I am confident enough in saying I am getting the hang of this. Before, I would frequently visit my Supervisor, asking him a boat-load of questions. It was quite tiresome I am sure. However, he always answered my questions calmly. He never left me hanging. That is one of the greatest parts of working for Agtron Enterprises, when you reach out for help whether it is regarding product knowledge, updated pricing, information on dealers, etc. You receive it. If by chance the person you went to for help cannot assist you, they will send you in the right direction of who can.

When I go to his office now, it’s a different ball game. Instead of me bombarding him with questions, we chit chat. He shows me how our Legend app works. I take RMA’s off his shelf, completely able to do them by myself. I am confirming that said quote I just finished is right, instead of having him show me step by step what to add. Furthermore, when customers call I can answer their questions with certainty, instead of having to transfer them off to someone else. It is a good feeling.

Every day I come to work excited as well as eager to find out what the day has in store. There could be customers coming to visit with boxes full of doughnuts and muffins, product that needs to be shipped to Africa, or a customer that needs 1,000 seed sensors ASAP. Working at Agtron Enterprises Inc truly keeps you on your toes. I love it. Here’s to the end of a great first month!


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