Behind The Scenes; A New Employee's Experiences

Agtron has hired a new Inside Sales Agent. The following is a behind the scenes look of her first week on the job.

My name Is Danielle Triolo, however I prefer when people call me Dani. I find it is easier going, as well as it reflects my personality better. About two weeks ago, Agtron Enterprises Inc presented me with a job role opportunity that I could not pass up. I was supposed to start on February 19th 2018. However, thanks to Family Day I started on February 20th 2018. I was immensely lucky because I got to spend the day with my parents who live in the town of Perdue the day before I started at Agtron.

I was expecting to be overloaded with training manuals, links, videos, etc. Agtron provided me with a calm and secure environment to learn in though. My co-workers continue to take me in under their wing and show me the ins-and-outs of how the business works. I believe my willingness and desire to learn shines through, which makes them that much more eager to help get me to where I need to be.

My first week went swimmingly. During my first week I got the tour of the large, beautiful building. I met the production staff, customer service staff, and everyone else in-between. I got my desk set up, read through all of their training links, invoiced some sale orders, sent off order confirmations, as well as did 13 RMA’s. All with the help of my co-workers. I was shown how to send off mail, and I set up my e-mail. I love technology and expanding my knowledge. I cannot wait for week two!


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