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ART160 Single Loop and ART260 Dual Loop Rate

ART160 Single Loop and ART260 Dual Loop Rate

and Blockage Monitor

For single and dual shoot systems. Use the ART 160 or ART 260 to confirm your calibration for seed and fertilizer rates. The unit displays your rate in seeds per acre or pounds per acre. On the blockage side of the monitor blocked runs are indicated by number.

Product Information

Evolution of the ART Monitor

You will love the new ART 160 population and blockage Monitor from Agtron. It starts with a larger two lines by 16 character display that carries more vital information. Use the ART 160 to confirm your calibration for seed and fertilizer rates - the unit displays your rates in seeds per acre or pounds per acre. On the blockage side there are two sensor loops (optional); one for seed and one for fertilizer with 120 sensors per loop - more than enough to cope with today’s larger seeding units. And you can monitor three sensors (six optional) including shaft, bin and speed sensors. With a custom wiring harness, monitor up to 12 sensors. The user interface is simple, and the display is easy to read. The ART 160 takes the uncertainty out of air cart operation. You will know for sure the seed tank is pressurized and there is no product bridging!

How it Works

The sensors are connected in a loop around the machine with waterproof and foolproof connections. Each sensor has its own intelligent electronics to determine its order in the system. This means simple hookup compared to systems which make you plug in sensors one at a time, or systems where you have to connect several boxes which clutter the machine. An accurate optical system detects the seed rate, each sensor in turn sends its information to the monitor head. To correct for any seeds not detected by the sensor, a seed calibration factor is provided. A ground speed sensor provides information for calculating seeds per acre or pounds per acre. Fan RPM, shaft RPM and bin level sensors just plug into the main wiring harness with an adapter.


Applying too much seed or too little seed can be a costly mistake. Knowing the seed population is something corn and soybean planter operators have enjoyed for years. Now air seeder users seeding small grains (or large!) can share benefits of having this information. By using the ART 160 Rate and Blockage Monitor, you will know the plants per acre or verify the seeding rate in pounds per acre.

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Dennis Lynch

Used Agtron for two years seeding. Everything worked perfectly, it sure helps to relieve stress as you are not worrying about plugged seed runs.

Dennis Lynch
Sedley, Saskatchewan
Wesley Robson

The ART 260 is a very good system. I Installed a work switch and tied it in with my tractor radar. It was very consistent and gave me a good picture of how everything was working. Great product.

Wesley Robson
Scobey, Montana

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