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Blockage Monitor

Our entry level Air Drill Blockage Monitor requires minimal setup, and uses the same great Stainless Steel sensors. Audio and visual blockage alerts are provided. Flow information helps find meter or air system faults. Heavy duty weather proof harness is used throughout.

The Agtron ART-100 is an advanced blockage monitor developed by Agtron Enterprises for use on conventional type air seeders and air drills. The Monitor system consists of "smart" seed flow sensors and heavy duty weather proof cabling. The ART-100 automatically loads the sensor configuration.

Product Information

Features & Benefits

Fast blockage detection in 1 second or less.

Shows seed rate from 5,000 to 10,000,000 seeds per minute for all installed sensors.

Blockage threshold selectable between 5 seeds per second per sensor to over 1,000 seeds per second per sensor in 100 steps.

Blocked runs are indicated by the number of their position on the machine.

New signal technology converts electric signals to optical signals for immunity to electrical noise and static electricity.

New air tight fitting design makes a positive sealed connection keeping air in and moisture out.

New sensor case design and new materials drain static electricity at the sensor itself.

Competitively priced even against systems using lower technology.

New electronics make troubleshooting easy.

New Accurate Sensor optics accurately sense seeds.

“Plug and Play” Sensors do not have to be added one at a time to be recognized.

Advanced electronics adapt to material buildup in sensor and warn of excessive buildup.

Add or remove sensors with no re-programming.

Fewer signal wires than the AR99 harness and heavier 18 gauge power wires mean fewer pinched or broken harness connections.

No extra boxes to wire or program.

Simple “daisy chain” wiring system.

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Wade Little

The Agtron Air Seeder unit has let us seed with a bit less fan speed for less seed damage and peace of mind going up and down hilly land knowing the seeder is delivering product.

Wade Little
Decker, Manitoba

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