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4 Channel Shaft & Bin Monitor

4 Channel Shaft & Bin Monitor

Shaft & Bin Monitor

Monitor up to 4 shafts and/or bins. The monitor is ideal for situations where you only need to know if the shaft is turning. The simple design lets you easily select the level of sensitivity you would prefer before getting alarms.

Product Information

Avoid Downtime

Any shaft that slows down, without your knowing and with continued use, can wear out your belts, causing your machine to fail. Save yourself the time and stress with Agtron's easy-to-understand 4 Channel Shaft and Bin Monitor. Downtime is very costly. That is why we created this inexpensive unit—to make your operation more profitable. This shaft and bin monitor will pay for itself quickly by saving you time and the cost of replacing parts. This monitor is ideal for situations where you only need to know if the shaft is turning. The simple design lets you easily select the level of sensitivity you would prefer before sending it into alarm. The monitor offers both a visual and audio alarm to quickly alert you to any problems. Belts, chains, seed, fertilizer and downtime are expensive. Don't let a broken shaft or worn-out belt catch you by surprise. Use the 4 Channel to ensure those crucial shafts are turning, and turning properly. Using state-of-the-art infrared technology, the Bin Level Sensor can save you valuable time by indicating when your bin is full or empty. An empty or overfilled tank can cost you money, but with the Bin Level sensor, you can forget about worrying. Because it can monitor both shaft speed and bin levels, the 4 Channel can be used on disc seeders, drills, seed cleaning plants, combines or anything that has a turning shaft.

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Ted McMillan

We put three shaft sensors on our John Deere 9400 hoe drill, and the fourth sensor on the fertilizer pump shaft. I didn't have to worry about all the shafts not turning with the dust and all. Once the chain broke on the fertilizer pump, I hadn't gone ten feet when the 4 Channel Shaft/Bin Monitor went into alarm on channel #4. The sensitivity controls worked well too. I could set them just right and they wouldn't alarm when going around the corners. The 4 Channel was well worth the money and I wouldn't be without one.

Ted McMillan
Valley View Farms near Cheney Washington
Grant Eaton

The 4 Channel Shaft/Bin Monitor works really well for us and did what we wanted. We installed it on our press drill and it worked 100% for us. Before the shafts would stop because of a broken pin on a gear, or it would skip so you wouldn't know about it until you'd seeded.

Grant Eaton
Kinley Saskatchewan

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