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The Legend ST

The Legend ST

Seed Sensor

LEGEND sensors continue to operate in spite of wiring problems, thanks to two-way daisy-chain communications. There are no obstructions to seed flow and they automatically compensate for build-up of seed treatment.

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Our accurate optical sensors use infrared energy to detect seed flow, much like a motion sensor in a security system. There are no pins or plates to interfere with the seed path. Each sensor has its own intelligent electronics to determine its order in the system. This means simple hookup compared to systems where you have to connect several boxes cluttering the machine. We have improved the ‘Daisy-Chain’ connection system so that a disconnected cable has no effect on operation.


Our sensors are built with a stainless steel tube which is nearly indestructible. Our cables and connectors have been proven to withstand vibration and moisture. Each sensor is tested with extremes of temperature. Six sizes of sensors are available for inside hose diameters of 22, 24, 25, 30, 32 and 38mm.


Our seed flow sensors are the world’s best, based on durability, ease of use, accuracy and value.

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